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AtoZ Challenge Delays

Posted by on Apr 9, 2020 in Atoz, Atoz 2020, Books, News | 0 comments

Just a quick note to say that I know I’m behind, and I sort of have an excuse, though not one I’d put in public, on a blog about my books and writing.
Just so people know what is planned for the rest of the month, and I’ll get them in as soon as I can. I have two of these (here and bi-polarbears) running myself and I do a shared one on ‘These our Fandoms’, so I’m prioritising based on shared first then catching up. I hope people understand and accept my apologies.

Today is reveal day for the next six months though – for my books, so I am continuing with that commitment. I explained why yesterday on bi-polarbears, in G for Goals.

So, I’ll be back as soon as I can, and I’ll get everything caught up, I promise. Until then, please accept my apologies.

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B is for Books #AtoZchallenge

Posted by on Apr 7, 2020 in Atoz, Atoz 2020, Books, News | 2 comments

 This is a no brainer I guess. Authors talk about..their books.
In my case, I’ve got *a lot* to talk about, and a lot of these posts for the AtoZ are going to be jumping off points for the things that I’m writing.  So, this really is a very loose outline of everything I’ve got on the go – in one way or another.


I’ll be talking more about the actual universes that I write in in U for Universes, but a really quick overview of the main points are:


Elliot Peters/Merridian and Harper – This is my main Universe, and it’ll be touched on more in D for Darkness, K for Killers and U for universes.  My policeman, and currently, I’ve just outlined the 300th storyline (!).  Wild, huh?
Not all of them are books, of course, some are novellas, short stories, or flash fiction for blogs and other places.
Glass Block, which is back soon, is the first book, and is set in a prison, and is a little Big Brother, a lot violent and really, a great introduction to Elliot himself.

Then, there’s the Black Monday – which includes the Black Monday Universe, the Salvagers Universe (Farran is involved in both) and The Hotel Oblivion universe.  All three are hard sci-fi, set in space, and *a lot* of fun.  Farran, who is the main character in all of this is one of the first ‘new Epoch’ criminals.  He’s the head of the recovery team that’s sent in before the Army, because the world as we know it no longer exists, and probably most importantly, he’s not to blame, even though that’s the cime he’s commited with.

Hotel Oblivion isn’t just the space station at the end of the universe, it’s where things like ‘Morrigan’s spear’ is set.  I’m quite excited for that one – it’s a series of novellas set on a ship that transports stuff as a trading ship of sorts, and gets caught out in a plague situation between planets which isn’t what it seems.


From anthologies to changelings and dragons, I have *so many* stories, and so little time.  My main stories are either RH/Fantasy, or fantasy of all kinds, mostly though with an Ubran slant, my main stories running right now are the “All my friends…” series, which involves Gods and Reapers, and my Changeling series, with Shula.  I’m talking about both of them later, but my fantasy stuff always has a bent for the unusual, the unique, and the interesting.


My fantasy and supernatural cross over quite a lot.  Oblivion does, and with my erotica, I’ve got some vampire and supernatural novels on the go.  Heavily influenced by World of Darkness and other games, but I’m hoping mine has some elements that makes it unique. I’m also influenced, in some ways, by books like the Dresden Files, but mostly, by the games I played when we lived in Edinburgh.  We don’t get to play games like that any more.

The there’s romance and erotica

One of the main stories I’m writing, “I will wait” is a trilogy that I promised my adopted sister I’d do, at some point. Then, there’s erotica…which I don’t talk about as much on here.


I’ve got a tonne of stuff on the go non-fiction wise.  Lots of books about parenting, mental health, writing…the works.

And beyond. isn’t just about my books, but mostly is.  So, even if it’s not listed here, I’ll be talking about it eventually. I’ve not even touched on the blogs I write for – from The Indie Author Group, which I helped to co-found, to The Horror Tree, and PublishLeague, which is part of where the name ‘Wildcard’ has solidified from.

And all of this is written over pen names – Kai (x) Viola D Kai Wilson-Viola, Sabrann Curach, River Harlequinn and Lady Fayth to name but a few.

Out right now…?

So, right now, because I’m rebooting everything, I’ve got one pre-order, and one limited edition collection available, and two tutorial books.
You can grab them at my library, later in the week.

So…with that very brief overview, is there anything you’re excited for?  Curious about?

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The #atozchallenge2020 – A – About me

Posted by on Apr 2, 2020 in Atoz, Atoz 2020, Books, Links, News | 4 comments

So, I thought I’d introduce myself

This is also me. On a beach, in the Dominican.

My hair really is that red, my skin does look like Gondor is calling for aid.

So…my name is Kai, and that photo was taken the summer before my 40th birthday, two summers ago. Little did I know that worrying about Zika wasn’t the one I needed to watch. Two years on, I did the same as many people did and went ‘this is my year’. And it is. I’ll explain the asterisk later though. (think W is for….)

I write a little bit of everything. In the coming days, I’ll add books and information, and I’m gearing up to teach too 🙂
I was born in Scotland in the late ’70s, so I’m a Gen Xer. Nanowrimo volunteer of 18 years this coming November, I teach, I code, I run servers, I write, I watch TV occasionally, I read *a lot* (though that blog is a bit out of date, my Goodreads records automatically for me) and I do lots of fun stuff on Twitter. You can find me most places in fact, as Kaiberie 🙂

Other than that, this blog is going to be about books, and hobbies and all of the stuff that interests me. I advocate for mental health, I love gaming, I do diamond paintings, I’m the pet of two cats, mum of two adults (one of which had his third kidney removed recently, I’ll do that on in K is for Kidneys), the other going onto a photography course if things settle after the summer. My partner and I attend infosec conferences occasionally, and I’m doing a combined STEM degree, while he’s working in infosec and loves it.

I am bipolar/CPTSD, very anxious and an agoraphobe, so I see the world a bit differently through all of this, and I’ll only really touch on the pandemic running riot through our daily lives. I know it’s not the new normal, but it’s the new normal for now. So please, take care.
So, it’s nice to meet you! Tell me about yourself!

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